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Carb Overhaul: Complete!

After a (reasonably) quick turn-around, the newly overhauled carburetor is back in the airplane and running great! EGTs and fuel flows are back to what you'd expect to see, and it certainly feels like better performance from the new Powerflow Exhaust upgrade!

Powerflow Exhaust Upgrade!

The Power Flow Tuned Exhaust System is not just a replacement - it is a vast improvement over the stock Cessna 172 exhaust system.

The concept is simple, out with the old exhaust gases, in with the new fuel-air charge. By more effectively emptying each cylinder of spent exhaust gases, Power Flow gives our Skyhawk a number of significant benefits: 

You will immediately notice an increase in RPM (30-130 more).

Significant improvement in rate of climb (100 - 300 fpm).

You are in control: Want to save fuel? You can use less throttle to fly at your current cruise speeds and save from 1/2 to 2.2 gallons per hour.

For more power, use the extra RPM (100 RPM yields approximately five extra knots of airspeed for an additional 1/2 gph in fuel burned). 

The Service Ceiling on your 172 will increase by 2,000’ to 5,000’, with a corresponding improvement in safety margins in high Density Altitude environments.

CHT’s are reduced by 10 F – 20 F with less difference between cylinders.